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Friderici Special News Double World Premiere Launch Of A 100 Percent Electric Truck
14 October 2021
Friderici Special, Avesco Rent, Galliker Transport and Futuricum present two...
Friderici Special News The Transport Company Friderici Special Turns To Solar Energy
30 July 2020
It is in an environmental approach that Friderici Spécial, active in road...
Friderici Special News A Historical Mission The Transport Of The Statue Of Julius Caesar To Geneva
9 June 2020
In September 2019, Friderici Special contributed to a historic but also titanic...
Friderici Special News Travel Around Europe With Friderici Special
2 March 2020
Discover the pictures of the delivery of a machine in 2 pieces (11 and 15 tons)...
Friderici Special News Exhibition In Tolochenaz Come And Celebrate 125 Years Of Berliet
1 October 2019
Friderici Services and Renault Trucks are looking forward to welcoming you at...
Friderici Special News Friderici Takes You On An Operation Between Land And Sea
27 September 2019
Follow in pictures the transport of a boat from Geneva, 16 meters long and...
Friderici Special News Take A Step Up With Friderici Special
26 July 2019
Major lifting sites in Eysin, Geneva and Coppet.
Friderici Special News A Heavy Transport Of The Rare Kind To Fiesch
2 July 2019
Shortly before arriving in Fiesch, a heavy transport with over 200 tons had to...
Friderici Special News New Mobile Crane Order
25 June 2019
The Swiss crane and truck company Friderici Special AG ordered a LTM 1650 8.1...
Friderici Special News Friderici Special Wishes You A Pleasant Flight
17 April 2019
Discover the pictures of the delivery of a machine in 2 pieces (11 and 15 tons)...