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Our activities

Throughout Switzerland and internationally, the transport company Friderici Spécial supports its customers with tailor-made solutions. Specialized in the transport, lifting, handling and storage of heavy and cumbersome material, our teams guarantee the success of each project.

The transport company of reference for your exceptional projects

Since 1946, Friderici Spécial has been transporting heavy and bulky parts in Switzerland and abroad. The varied fleet of vehicles allows us to intervene on all types of projects with adapted solutions. Exceptional convoys, exceptional parts, our teams of experts successfully handle the most delicate transport operations. Friderici Spécial accompanies each customer for a safe transport!

A varied fleet of lifting equipment

The Swiss transport company Friderici Spécial and its teams of experts organize the lifting of heavy and delicate parts. Truck cranes, semi-trailers or tower cranes, the fleet of various equipment adapts to all requests. Our machines are also available for rent to help you in your projects. Administrative procedures, securing the site, assembly and disassembly, the Swiss transporter accompanies each client with tailor-made lifting arrangements.

A complete support for your handling projects

In Switzerland and abroad, the transport company Friderici Spécial supports hundreds of customers in their handling projects. The complete fleet of equipment allows us to respond to complex requests. Our versatile teams are involved in the lifting and transport of heavy and exceptional parts. Safety and precision, Friderici Spécial guarantees the management of the most delicate convoys!

Remarkable storage space

Based in Switzerland, Friderici Spécial also offers a storage service for heavy and bulky equipment. Customers can store oversized parts in a dedicated space of 5,000 m2.

The Friderici Spécial transport company provides its qualified teams and state-of-the-art professional equipment. What to organize the storage of your material in all serenity!