All our achievements

Transport from Basel to St Triphon and handling
Installation of a 180 ton GE Renewable transformer for FMV St Triphon
Film directed by Lionel Charlet - Director & Photographer
Transport process of a snow blower and its engine in a special convoy (from the MOB technical workshops in Chernex to Ollon VD)
Partnership Friderici Special x Romande Energie - Interview
Installation of 4,356 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Friderici Special headquarters in Orbe
Partnership Friderici Special x Romande Energie - Drone video
The transport company Friderici Special turns to solar energy
The exceptional minute - episode 4
Exceptional transports of non-standard machines to Germany and Italy
The exceptional minute - episode 3
Loading and transportation of a 13 ton boat from Geneva, from the port of Morges to Tochelenaz
The exceptional minute - episode 2
Major lifting sites in Eysin, Geneva and Coppet
The exceptional minute - episode 1
Delivery of a machine in 2 pieces for a factory in the aviation sector in Plan-les-Ouates
Special convoy of an electrical transformer
Special delivery of an electrical transformer to the Galmiz electrical station
Transport of a transformer
Transport of a 172 ton transformer to Sète
Exceptional Convoy Locomotive
Exceptional Convoy Locomotive - Blonay Chamby
Installation of a crane
Installation of a crane on Lake Geneva