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Special transport operations

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family of carriers for over 100 years

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You have material to transport in Switzerland or abroad?

Friderici Special is an expert transport company, able to respond to any request in the shortest time and at the most advantageous conditions.

Our daily business in Switzerland, serving various sectors such as construction, industry and energy, allows us to respond with great flexibility to your needs.

Parts with non-standard dimensions are our challenge. We create solutions that best meet the technical, administrative and physical requirements of these complex transports.

We organize your requests for road transport and exceptional convoys in the shortest possible time within a radius of 3,500 km and more!

Our special skills are as follows

Friderici Special Our Activities Special Transport Operations Our Special Skills
  • Swiss and international transport: we take care of the entire organization
  • Exceptional transport: we create solutions for your non-standard parts
  • Transport authorizations, customs formalities: we take care of all the administrative procedures related to your project
  • Transport with crane trucks: we can load and unload your goods in an autonomous way
  • Diversified fleet of trucks at your disposal
  • Fleet of more than 100 semi-trailers
  • Short deadlines, our specialty is to create fast transport solutions
  • Team of experts in the most complex transport demands

A transporter at your service

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A wide range of materials

We have a wide range of materials to meet your scheduling requirements. We can adapt it so as to respond to the needs of every situation as precisely as possible. Our fleet of semi-trailer units consists of more than 100 vehicles, all of them different, which gives us the flexibility needed for everyday operations.

Friderici Special Pictogram Administration We Organize Everything

Administration: we organise everything on your behalf

In order to obtain the special permits required from the authorities of the many countries we serve, we need to be acquainted with numerous parameters. The applicable statutes, approvals and documents required are just some of the formalities which we are fully capable of handling.

Friderici Special Pictogram Transport Safety Security

Transport safety / security

The constraints borne by the goods you entrust to us and the expectations in terms of protection that you may require push us to constantly imagine new transport solutions for you. Our vehicles are adapted to offer quality transport in complete safety.

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