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7 July 2022

Quarterly magazine of the Vaud Cantonal Police

Special convoys: two 300-tonne transports crossed the canton of Vaud.

During the nights of November 11 and 19, 2021, exceptional operations for the road transport sector took place: two convoys crossed the canton of Vaud transporting two enormous metal beams that were 50 meters long. In order to carry out the operation, a huge road train measuring 90 meters was formed with a truck at each end, weighing a total of almost 300 tons. The convoy travelled at a speed of 40 km/h.

Such a convoy is not without danger and the crossing of bridges and viaducts has caused concern. For this reason, each of the bridges and viaducts was studied to avoid damage to their structure. Thus, at the time of the crossing, the exceptional convoy had to follow a very precise marking on the ground and drive at a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

These exceptional operations were carried out without incident and the two steel beams will be travelling in the opposite direction in several months’ time to their final destination in England.

We were very pleased to read the article about our company in the quarterly magazine of the Vaud Cantonal Police, and we thank them for it. The close cooperation between Friderici Spécial SA and the cantonal police is essential for the success of such projects.

For more information and to discover the photos of this exceptional operation, consult the article of PolCant Info by clicking here.

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