Your Friderici Spécial transporter at your service for short, medium and long journeys

Since the end of the 19th century, Friderici Spécial has been a major player in road transport in Switzerland. The family business was already on the roads of the region, satisfying a wide range of customers. After the Second World War, the Swiss transport company established itself on the international market. Adaptability, safety and competence, Friderici Spécial carries out transports in Switzerland, throughout Europe and even in the Middle East! In the 1960’s, cranes were added to the large fleet of vehicles to carry out lifting projects. The family business has remained innovative, dynamic and attentive to the needs of its customers. Your Swiss Transporter accompanies you every day in your road transport, handling and lifting projects. 

Friderici Special Our Activities Transporter Short Medium Long Journeys

Precision and flexibility, your swiss transporter takes care of the special transport of bulky and delicate material

You want to organise a special transport but you don’t know how to go about it? Call on your Swiss transporter specialising in exceptional transport! Thanks to our experience, we are able to transport large-scale items: motorway bridges, electrical transformers, train cabins, staircase roofs, etc. Adapted for exceptional convoys, our crane trucks travel the roads, transporting bulky and delicate equipment. Do you need international permits or a short deadline? Trust the Swiss expert in exceptional transport for a safe transport! Our team takes care of the administrative procedures. Precision, flexibility, safety and respect for deadlines, contact your Friderici Spécial transporter for your project now!

Friderici Special Our Activities Transporter For Bulky And Delicate Material

An international carrier with a large fleet of state-of-the-art trucks and cranes

Specialised in road transport since the 19th century, Friderici Special has a large fleet of vehicles! The carrier places its 180 semi-trailers at your disposal. Well maintained and modern, our trucks travel the Swiss and international roads. Our team ensures the safe transport and lifting of your goods and materials with crane trucks and site cranes. Depending on your needs, a bucket truck can also be used for your project. Thanks to its large fleet of vehicles, Friderici Spécial is able to provide exceptional convoys throughout the country and internationally. Your Swiss transporter guarantees the safe transport of your goods and materials, whatever their weight and size!

An expert team in the exceptional transport of delicate material

Specialised in transport for decades, your transporter has built up an expert, meticulous and committed team. Passionate about cars, our drivers drive cranes and semi-trailers with a master’s touch. Accustomed to long journeys of 3,500 km and more, they are familiar with both Swiss and international regulations. In addition to transport, our specialists also lift and handle your material. The Swiss transporter ensures that your delicate goods are transported safely. For more peace of mind, Friderici Spécial takes care of your administrative procedures. Contact your transporter now to bring your project to a successful conclusion!

Friderici Special Our Activities Transporter International Carrier With State Of The Art Trucks And Cranes