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A historic challenge: the transport of the statue of Julius Caesar to Geneva

In September 2019, Friderici Spécial contributed to a historic and titanic challenge. The Swiss transport company was in charge of the delivery and the installation of the casting of the statue of Julius Caesar to the University of Geneva (UNIGE). The teams were fully invested to carry out this work of extreme precision. Back in pictures on this exceptional achievement!

A unique work of art: the casting of the statue of Julius Caesar

Thousands of years later, Julius Caesar returned to Geneva. In 58 BC, the Roman emperor had set up a military camp in the Swiss city. At war with the Gauls, the region and the Rhone River played a key role in the Gallic War! However, in the 1st century BC, the city of Nyon had a wider influence than Geneva, which was only a little town at the time. Since its creation in 1979, the Roman Museum of Nyon has proudly exhibited the statue of Julius Caesar. Along the esplanade, visitors could admire this historic work of art made of cement mixed with marble powder. However, this open-air exhibition spoils the materials. The Roman Museum of Nyon has therefore decided to make a new copy in a more weather-resistant material. The old casting, therefore, had to find another location, allowing it to reach its new Geneva quarters.

Delicate transport masterfully conducted by Friderici Spécial

A few months ago, the casting of the statue of Julius Caesar was transported to the Collection of casts of the University of Geneva. Friderici Spécial was able to carry out the delicate transport of this historical work of art. The truck crane approached as close as possible to lift and to load the 3.5-ton structure. A tailored management was applied for this exceptional project. The transport and the unloading were a success thanks to the expertise and meticulousness of the teams. Thanks to the know-how of Friderici Spécial, the casting landed on the floor of Geneva and was safely installed in its new quarters. Thousands of years later, the Roman emperor once again travelled the 25 kilometres between the two cities!

Julius Caesar’s triumphant return to Geneva

Since September 30, 2019, the work of art is exhibited in front of the Collection of casts. The visitors, the students but also all the teaching staff can now admire this exceptional statue. The symbol of Swiss History!

Friderici Special is proud of this wonderful project and thanks the University of Geneva (UNIGE) for their trust and collaboration.