So you have heavy or bulky materials to transport? Or do your premises or your building site have difficult access, calling for the use of special lifting equipment?

Friderici Spécial is an expert in lifting operations, and has at its disposal a whole fleet of special machinery – including hoist cranes and truck cranes in particular – so that we are in a position to respond to any kind of request as soon as possible and under the most favourable terms. We will organise your entire project from start to finish, taking into account any transport problems and technical difficulties as well as special safety, security and administrative requirements.

Our fleet of recently acquired machines, with capacity ranging from 400 kilos to 400 tonnes, is capable of carrying out the most complicated lifting operations.
Our special skills are the following:

  • Transport of your lifting equipment
  • Assembly and disassembly 
  • A wide range of machinery to meet all your requirements 
  • Facilities adapted to the needs of the industry (construction requirements, building regulations and events management)        
  • Arranging for any necessary safety measures 
  • Administrative organisation
  • Project management
  • Creation of specific solutions 
  • A research office for devising services customised to your requirements 
  • Find out more about our entire fleet of lifting vehicles
  • Assembly and disassembly

Find out more about our entire fleet of lifting vehicles

Assembly and disassembly

Our everyday work consists in the assembly and disassembly of tower cranes, and in lifting operations in the construction and building sectors, industry generally and the world of events management. We are expert in the architectural and technical parameters imposed by the project developer, along with the physical constraints and statutory requirements.

Different means of lifting

Our lifting facilities offer you an enormous range of potential uses. For the installation of your equipment, the training given to our specialist members of staff represents one of our most advantageous investments. We are capable of responding to any constraints in terms of statics, weight, height and depth in relation to your various projects. We can also arrange for any special safety measures that may be required.

Tailor-made management

Our transparent, effective and reliable management of your project, together with the experience of our staff, places the concept of lifting at the centre of your expectations and is crucial for the trust you place in us. You can always contact our research office to receive a response calculated to the nearest millimetre, or to create the ideal transport resource or lifting accessory that meets your requirements perfectly. Our workshop and its metalwork department will be happy to manufacture the equipment you need, based on the drawings provided by the research office. Our staff will be happy to advise you at any time.

Your trusted transporter

Established in Switzerland for over 125 years

Since the end of the 19th century, Friderici Spécial has been a major player in Swiss road transport. The family business already travels the regional roads to satisfy various customers.

Expert in international road transport

Since the end of the Second World War, the family business has been offering its services on the international transport market. Its team of drivers, at the wheel of trucks and cranes, criss-crosses the international roads to ensure exceptional convoys in complete safety.

Ideal for short, medium and long journeys

Friderici Spécial meets all challenges! The Swiss transport company offers its expert team and its fleet of trucks for all your transport projects.

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