So you have heavy or bulky materials to transport?

Friderici Spécial is an expert in the transport of such shipments, capable of responding to any kind of request at short notice and on the most favourable conditions. Items of abnormal dimensions represent a challenge we are happy to meet. We see it as our business to create solutions which answer in the best possible way to the technical, administrative and physical requirements associated with complex transport operations.

We will be delighted to organise your road transport requirements, at short notice and over a range of 3500 km and more!

Our special skills are as follows:

  • International transport: we can organise any kind of shipment
  • Special transport: we will create solutions for any articles of abnormal dimensions
  • Exceptional transport: we will deal with the transport and all procedures associated with your project
  • A wide range of vehicles to meet your scheduling requirements
  • A fleet of over 180 semi-trailers
  • Rapid response – we specialise in creating instant transport solutions
  • A team of well qualified experts for meeting the most complex transport requirements

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A wide range of materials

We have a wide range of materials to meet your scheduling requirements. We can adapt it so as to respond to the needs of every situation as precisely as possible. Our fleet of semi-trailer units consists of more than 180 vehicles, all of them different, which gives us the flexibility needed for everyday operations.

Administration: we organise everything on your behalf

In order to obtain the special permits required from the authorities of the many countries we serve, we need to be acquainted with numerous parameters. The applicable statutes, approvals and documents required are just some of the formalities which we are fully capable of handling.

Transport safety / security

The constraints to which the goods you put into our hands are subject, and your expectations when it comes to security and safety measures, are sufficient reason for us to work overtime with the aim of devising new transport solutions for you. Our vehicles are perfectly adapted to offer a quality shipment with maximum safety and security.

The common factor linking these three essential criteria is our primary strength – the professionalism of our various experts.
Drivers, convoy escorts, foremen and the whole team take on responsibility for the effective accomplishment of the mission you entrust to us, the aim always being your complete satisfaction.

Your trusted transporter

Established in Switzerland for over 125 years

Since the end of the 19th century, Friderici Spécial has been a major player in Swiss road transport. The family business already travels the regional roads to satisfy various customers.

Expert in international road transport

Since the end of the Second World War, the family business has been offering its services on the international transport market. Its team of drivers, at the wheel of trucks and cranes, criss-crosses the international roads to ensure exceptional convoys in complete safety.

Ideal for short, medium and long journeys

Friderici Spécial meets all challenges! The Swiss transport company offers its expert team and its fleet of trucks for all your transport projects.

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