Lifting FLEET


Our fleet of modern equipment, with capacity ranging from 400 kilos to 400 tonnes, is capable of carrying out the most complicated lifting operations. Their everyday work consists in the assembly and disassembly of tower cranes, and in lifting operations in industry and the world of events management. We are expert in the architectural and technical parameters imposed by the project developer, along with the physical constraints and statutory requirements.

Our lifting equipment offers you a vast range of possible uses. With a view to installing your laboratory equipment on the fifth floor of your new research centre, the training given to our specialist members of staff was one of our most advantageous investments. It is easy to imagine the formidable constraints in terms of statics, weight, height and depth that this represents – not to mention the safety requirements which need to be taken into account.

Our transparent, effective and reliable management of your project, together with the experience of our staff, places the concept of lifting at the centre of your expectations and is crucial for the trust you place in us. You can always contact our research office to receive a response calculated to the nearest millimetre or to create the ideal transport resource or lifting accessory that meets your requirements perfectly. Our workshop and its metalwork department will be happy to manufacture the equipment you need, based on the drawings provided by the research office. Our staff will be happy to advise you at any time.

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